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Real Estate Brokerage Services in Panama

Our standard policy is to treat property transactions professionally and with due diligence, so that your investments be safe and protected. We can help you with your real estate brokerage services in Panama:

  • Property Title Searches : Our personnel takes care of making a professional and extensive property title search in the different public institutions and a due diligence investigation on the property.
  • Brokerage Services: The team of real estate licensed brokers will escort and assist you finding the house, condo, lot or property of your dreams, with the different promoters and projects developers whether in Panama City, in the beach or in the countryside. Please bear in mind that in Panama, as a general rule, the real estate broker commission is paid by the Seller, and not by the Buyer.
  • Buy & Sell Contracts: Our lawyers will handle all closing services for the sale and purchase of the property, including the drafting of the “ Contrato de Promesa de Compraventa (“Option to Purchase Contract”) ” and later on the Sale and Purchase contract within the “Title Deed” coordinating with the Notary Public, followed by the Public Registry Office.
  • Escrow Services: We provide escrow services to our customers buying a property. We received the funds from the buyer and pay to the seller according to the terms and conditions of the Sales and Purchase agreement.
  • Bank Account Introduction: Our consultants are pleased to take care of introducing you to the best banks settled in Panama based on our needs and the bank’s requirements. We accompany and guide you through the whole process of opening a bank account in Panama.
  • Bank Mortgage Financing: We look for the bank that best serves you needs and help you with the coordination of all clients’ paperwork, assist in the completion of the application form and follow up with the bank of the customer’s election until the drawdown of the loan.
  • Title Insurance : Our experts will help you with the title insurance and other type of insurances needed on the property.
  • Possession Rights & Administrative Concessions : The team of lawyers will lead you on how you can acquire real estate property under “possession rights”, (land use acknowledgments) thus not under the private domain. Some beach front properties, islands and real estate in special tourism zones of Bocas del Toro and Portobelo, are owned and managed by the national or local municipal government. These “possession rights” are granted for a determined period of time. Also, we assist you with the different public offices when acquiring a real estate property under an administrative concession, which are basically granted with quite attractive fiscal and other incentives, for the tourist development.
  • Construction Permits : Likewise, the team of lawyers can help customers, mainly developers, with the obtainment of “construction” and “occupation” permits within the several public offices and institutions of Panama.

Khalaro Investments is willing to help you with any real estate brokerage service in Panama that you need. Contact us now for more information.

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