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Panama Immigration Services

With its privileged location, Panama has become in the past several years as one of the world’s top retirement destinations and also world class tourist location. Huge investments have been poured into the promotion of Panama attracting investors from all over the world seeking for increased returns, and the baby boomers wanting new and better lifestyles fitted to their tastes and requirements for vacation homes and permanent residences.

Panama City is probably one of the least expensive places In the world to live in a First World city. Several of the well known advantages to live in Panama is that the U.S. Dollar, both paper and coins, is the legal tender since 1904, besides its safety, world-class healthcare, lower cost of living, in addition to the hurricanes-free tropical climate, low taxes and inflation rates.

Due to the increasing boom of ongoing real estate investments in Panama, KHALARO INVESTMENTS, S.A., will also couple its real estate services along with Immigration services, specially with the obtainment of the different types if Visas for relocating to Panama, Temporary Residency and Permanent Residency. Therefore, we have a qualified team that assist you with the issuance of:

  • Self Economic Solvency Visa, holding a CD of a minimum of US$200,000 in a local bank for two (2) years or its equivalent in a real estate property under personal name free of liens in Panama, or a combination of both: US$120,000 in CD bank deposit and a real estate of property under personal name free of liens in the minimum amount of US$80,000. This type of visa gives applicant a Resident status & Panamanian Passports. After five (5) year period of having this Permanent Resident Status, applicant may apply for the Panamanian Nationality through the “naturalization” process.
  • Tourist Pensioner Visa, having as sole requirement that applicant must have a monthly income pension from a public or private entity of at least US$500 per month, with an additional US$100 for each dependant, with the benefit of importing, for one time only, free of taxes his / her household goods up to US$10,000, and one motor vehicle, every two (2) years. This kind of residence is quite expedite and the status is granted indefinitely, thus there is no requirement for renewal.
  • Retiree Visa , where applicant needs to show instead of a pension, a Certificate of Deposit with the National Bank of Panama for a period of at lest five (5) years, giving a monthly interest rate payment of at least US$750. This type of visa allows for a special five (5) year Panamanian passport for traveling. 
  • Small Business Investor Visa, when applicant may invest a minimum of US$100,000 in a Company and hire at least three (3) Panamanian employees, which allows for resident status and Panamanian Passport.  
  • Micro Enterprise Investor: allowsforeign business owners to obtain legal residency in Panama under the condition that they must invest a minimum of $40,000.00 up to US$150,000.00, in a business considered small enterprise in which he or she be the officer or manager of the business. After five (5) years of residence, the applicant will be eligible for naturalization and citizenship.
  • Small Enterprise Investor : referring to an investment of US$150,001.00, or more in Panama, through a company, hiring at least three (3) Panamanian employees paying them at least minimum wage, with social security benefits. After five (5) years of residence, the applicant will be eligible for naturalization and citizenship.
  • Agro-forestry Investor: offer investors the opportunity to obtain legal residency and eventually a Panamanian passport through a US$50,000 investment in any approved reforestation project. After five (5) years of permanent residence the applicant qualifies to request naturalization.
  • Export Processing Zone Investor: the applicant must invest at lest $250,000.00, in Fort Davis or one of the other export processing zones established in Panama.

Khalaro Investments is willing to help you with immigration service that you need. Contact us now for more information.